Friday, September 22nd, 2017

CRA & D-Downtown

The City’s Community Redevelopment Area is intended to encourage the redevelopment of Naples’ Downtown in accordance with established goals and objectives.

The D Downtown zoning district is a mixed use, form based zoning designation, located within the City’s Community Redevelopment Area. It encompasses an area that formerly included industrial zoning and has many service related businesses with an increasing residential component. U.S. 41 runs through the district. This is not an overlay district.

The D downtown district is intended to contain a mixture of uses including commercial, medical, office, service, restaurant, cultural, institutional and residential. The primary function of the district is:

  1. To promote the orderly redevelopment of the downtown area;
  2. To improve the aesthetics and physical appearance of the downtown area;
  3. To provide for a prosperous, viable downtown;
  4. To encourage fulltime residential use in the downtown area;
  5. To recognize and promote the role of the medical community in the area;
  6. To retain and promote the establishment of a variety of consumer and service businesses so that the needs of the area’s residential and working populations will be satisfied;
  7. To reinforce the role of the downtown as a community center and a meeting place for residents, tourists and visitors;
  8. To encourage mixed-use, infill development, particularly residential and retail;
  9. To promote pedestrian-friendly streets.

The district provides for the allocation of parking from a pool of on-street spaces and through a payment in lieu of program.

Additional density may be allocated from a limited pool with the provision of open space. However, these limited incentives have not resulted in widespread redevelopment throughout the district.

In addition to the D Downtown district, numerous other districts, including the C1-A, C2, C2-A, R3T-12, R3-12, Medical and the Fifth Avenue Special Overlay District, are present within the Community Redevelopment Area.