Friday, September 22nd, 2017


The D Downtown district was originally created in 1998 following the Heart of Naples Study, and extensively revised in 2003 following the 41-10 Study. Some properties in the district have been redeveloped. However, while larger aggregated properties are in the process of being redeveloped, redevelopment of the smaller properties has been slow.

The purpose of the D-Downtown Zoning Analysis is to analyze the previous studies, existing regulations and current market conditions, and recommend changes to the zoning regulations that will incentivize redevelopment and achieve the stated purpose of the CRA. The project will result in a list of recommendations for changes to the D-Downtown regulations.

In addition, the City has three other major efforts underway, or proposed, which may ultimately impact the study area: (1) the US 41 – Downtown Mobility and Connectivity Study; (2) the Wayfinding Program Design; and (3) the Parks Master Plan.

Components of the project include:

  1. Consideration of the US 41 – Downtown Mobility and Connectivity Study; the Wayfinding Program Design; and the Parks Master Plan
  2. Consideration of “Complete Streets” efforts throughout the district and the CRA where feasible
  3. Collaborative meetings with primary stakeholders within and adjacent to the study area including property owners, business owners, elected and appointed public officials, community and business leaders, local design and development professionals and citizens at large, to confirm that there is a unified vision for the area and to identify impediments to redevelopment that may be corrected in the regulations and procedures
  4. Interviews with individual stakeholders, community meetings, and meetings regarding specific issues, as needed. Joint meetings with stakeholders with common interests will be included to address specific issues.
  5. A review and analysis of current and future market conditions locally and regionally, with specific reference to the identification of redevelopment opportunities and the economic and regulatory impediments to redevelopment within the Community Redevelopment Area.
  6. An analysis of the perimeter of the district to provide suggestions regarding district boundaries and the interaction between all zoning districts within the CRA.
  7. An analysis of the parking requirements, parking supply and parking fees throughout the district to determine if changes to the parking program are advisable.

Current D-Downtown Regulations